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Curt Timmons

Curt Timmons - Music Director and Media Coordinator

Curt has over 30 years of experience in directing choirs and small orchestral ensembles and in working with soloists.  Curt trained at the University of Cincinnati, where his love of classical music and oratorio was nurtured and still forms the foundation of his conducting craft.  In the last few years, he has come to appreciate a wider variety of musical styles, especially as they are expressed in a church environment, such as gospel, jazz and contemporary Christian.  He prefers working with volunteer choirs as they are often the most open to learning and experiencing music with new eyes and ears.  Curt's conducting style is invitational as he asks the choir to join him in expressing their faith and commitment to God through music; this often leads to the choir being as inspired as the congregation in their music performances.

Curt's vision for the Good Shepherd Chancel Choir and Hand Bell Choir is for members to have fun while stretching their musical abilities, becoming cohesive groups with a focused muscial presence.

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