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Rev. Michael Burkett, Ph.D.

Rev. Michael Burkett, Ph.D - Senior/Lead Pastor

Our Senior/Lead Pastor, Michael Burkett, was born in Chandler, Oklahoma and raised in the Wellston area.  Michael graduated from OSU with a Bachelor’s in Physics and minor in humanities and religious studies.  He received a Masters of Divinity with honors and a Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Southern Methodist University in Dallas. 

 Michael began pastoring in A Christian Ministry in the National Parks in Zion National Park and then as a Student Pastor in Josephine, Texas.  In 1990 he became a full-time pastor.  He also served for several years as the United Methodist state coordinator for Hispanic Ministries.  From 2008-2012 he served as chair of the Oklahoma United Methodist Board of Ordained Ministry whose task is to lead new pastors into ministry.  

Michael has also lead mission teams to Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, and for Hurricane Katrina Relief.  He was the founder of a home building mission, Heavener Housing Mission, and the founding pastor for a new church in Heavener, Ok.

Michael was married to his wife, Cathy, in 1989.  Cathy is a speech pathologist at the Cochlear Implant Clinic at Baptist Integris.  They have one son, Matthew, who is soon to graduate from Oklahoma City University and plans on a career in law enforcement.

The greatest privilege in Michael’s life was to receive a call from God that was confirmed by the church to be part of the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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