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Tim Bourne

Tim Bourne - Contemporary Worship Leader

Tim has been involved in worship ministry at Good Shepherd for the past 25 years. In the beginning it was chancel choir and occasional solos and ensemble numbers. Then came youth and camp worship where he was introduced to the growing praise and worship movement. In 2000, Tim was part of a team that launched contemporary worship at Good Shepherd. He officially came on staff as Contemporary Worship Leader in 2003. His heart during this time has always been to encourage the congregation to worship - to simply respond to God in an authentic way.

One of the highlights of leading worship for Tim is the amazing team of musicians and technical support volunteers with whom he gets to serve. In addition to vocals, his main instruments are keyboards and acoustic guitar (but deep down there’s a percussionist trying to get free).

Tim and his wife, Catrina, live in Yukon with their two children. When he is not leading worship, he serves as full-time family shuttle driver to school, dance, piano, Tae Kwon Do, church and more.

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